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Sensitivity = Detection Rate = 990/1,000 = 99% Specificity refers to the proportion of all individuals without a condition who are correctly identified as “negative” by a screening test.

The prevalence defaults may not be the best estimates of an individual patient’s prior risk for a chromosome condition.The values generated by the Calculator should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course of management, nor does the use of such predictive values guarantee a particular outcome.Proper use of the Calculator requires that the user (i) input accurate data; and (ii) have sufficient understanding of the methodology used and relevance of the results generated.” For example, a PPV of 50% indicates that half of the cases in a given population who have a positive test result are predicted to actually be affected with the condition.Although test sensitivity and specificity are expected to remain the same across a broad population, the PPV of a test varies based on the prevalence of the condition in a given population.

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