Aquarius cam ass

"And he had a different type of lingo, just in Harlem, how he talked.

I used to be like ' Boy, if you can rap the way you talk, you gon' win.'"According to Jones, Cam'ron made Max B contribute to his Jay Z diss song, "You Gotta Love It." Jones says, "Cam wanted [Max B] to be his artist, when he should've just took the chance on seeing how hot he was.

It's a good year for you and your butt to travel. And it's going to pay off because this will be a good month for your butt's hopes and dreams. However, toward the end of the month your butt might get in a fight or reveal one of its secrets. This is a bad month for your butt to travel so best to keep it at home.

However, be careful with your butt's finances in the coming month and watch out for your butt in general. Even so, this is the month for your butt to make some new friends. One word of warning: Make sure your butt doesn't owe anyone money or there could be trouble in the coming days. But fret not, because your butt is about to gain some much needed clarity.

If you have been born, then you were born on a certain day of a certain month and at a certain time of a certain year.

It also means you have a sun sign that bears testament to your assholery. Come and feel ashamed, you stinky little piece of rotting scum.

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To top it all you are greedy, overtly possessive and you basically have a gherkin stuck up your ass. You are a façade, you are superficial, a fake, basically.

You should be grateful because it's about to spark a magical romance. It's a good month for your butt to take control. It's also a time for your butt to go ahead and get creative. Because very soon your butt is finally going to get the praise it deserves. And your butt probably won't be much help then. But even if it's feeling foggy and unsure, soon your butt will be reaping the rewards of all its hard work. In the coming month, your butt may get into some fights, but it will easily navigate these conflicts with all the grace you know your butt possesses.

Your butt is about to get an exciting new opportunity. In the end, things are going to be much better in the butt department. This may even be the right time for your butt to buy its own house. Your butt's innate problem solving skills will be put to the test. It's only because it's feeling overwhelmed.

Fresh off signing to Roc Nation, Jim Jones sits down with Funkmaster Flex for an emotional interview, in which the Diplomats rapper tears up talking about Cam'ron and says Max B can "die where he stand."Around the mark of the clip, Jim Jones dives into his relationship with Cam'ron around the time Dipset was starting to blow up.

Jones says he knew Cam'ron was the most important member of the group, so the "We Fly High" MC protected him at all costs, making sure he was "untouchable."However, it seems Cam'ron didn't always have Jim Jones' back.

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