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Your mortgage banker will keep you informed of any potential issues that could delay your closing date.

And something like the seller forgetting about making fixes on time may be prevented by double checking with your agent that they’ve communicated with the seller’s agent.

Extreme weather can also shut down city offices and banks, leaving you to wait while the city gets back on its feet.

Even if your house was untouched by a natural disaster, the location of the home may throw up a red flag and slow things down.

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As prepared as you may be as a homebuyer, you might encounter a few factors outside of your (or your lender’s) control that could ultimately delay your closing.

If you forgot to get a check or order a wire and the issue can’t be resolved after banks have closed for that day, you’ll have no choice but to bump closing to the next business day to allow for processing.One of the best ways to avoid a delay, or at least prepare for it, is to understand what could cause a delay in the first place.Here are a five uncommon things that could potentially cause a closing delay.Some buyers rely on gifted funds from friends or family members to help them reach their down payment goals.If those funds are missing, or the documentation is missing for whatever reason, closing can be delayed to allow for processing and transfers.

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