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Die Entwicklung der Seen wurde hinsichtlich der Seebildung, die iiberwiegend eine Folge der spatpleistozanen bis friihholozanen Toteistieftau-Dynamik ist, und der Veranderungen im Ablagerungsmilieu analysiert. Undoubtedly, the knowledge of both historic hydrologic (last c. In particular, the frequency and magnitude of short-term events, such as river floods and droughts, as well as long-term processes, such as lake-level fluctuations, changes in the river's mean annual discharge and its hydromorphologic status can be detected retrospec- tively (e.g. Fur- thermore, information on the pre-modern ecologic status of aquatic landscapes is a precondition for developing restora- tion measures in accordance with the European Union Wa- ter Framework Directive (CEC 2000, Bennion & Battarbee 2007, Zerbe ir Wiegleb 2009).

Weiterhin standen Seespiegelveranderungen im Fokus, wobei sich hoch variable lokale Befunde mit einigen Obereinstimmungen zeigten. 1000 years) and palaeohydrologic developments can help us to understand the hydrologic system dynamics at present and even in the future (e.g. 1996, Gregory & Benito 2003, Brazdil et al, 2006, Gregory et al. In theory, palaeohydrology is concerned with all compo- nents of the hydrologic cycle.

20,000 years is given for northeast Germany with its glacial landscapes of different age.

River development is examined with a focus on valley(-floor) formation and depositional changes, river course and channel changes, and palaeodischarge/-floods.

Der Uberblick zur Moorentwicklung konzentrierte sich auf hydrogenetische Moorentwicklungsphasen und auf die langfristige Entwick- lung des Grundwasserspiegels. 2010), influencing the hydrologic, geomorphic and ecologic properties of the regional drain- age system comprised of flowing (rivers, streams) and stag- nant waters (lakes, ponds) as well as peatlands of varying di- mension. In north- east Germany widely a 'drying' trend prevails, resulting in decreasing groundwater and lake levels as well as river dis- charges (e.g. But in practice most research focuses on specific compartments, such as river channels and discharge, lake- and groundwater-level fluctuations, isotope chemistry, or on proxy indicators of past precipitation char- acteristics (Anthony & Wohl 1998, Gregory & Benito 2003).

Letztere sind stark durch Wasserspiegelveranderungen in der Nord- und Ostsee beeinflusst worden. If this trend continues, a negative influence on ecosystem services, such as the provision of wa- ter for human use and wetland conservation, is to be feared. Insights gained through such historic analogies can be used to improve the interpretation of mod- elled future impacts of climatic and land-cover changes and, hence, to develop and optimise adaptation strategies.

Major genetic differences exist among 'old morainic' (Elsterian, Saalian) and 'young mo- rainic' (Weichselian) areas, and among topographically high- and low-lying valleys, the latter of which are strongly influenced by water-level changes in the North and Baltic Seas.

Lake development was analysed with respect to lake formation, which was pre- dominantly driven by late Pleistocene to early Holocene dead-ice dynamics, and with respect to depositional changes.

In den letzten etwa 50 Jahren haben dann sogar die kurzfristigen anthropogenen Eingriffe, z. in Form von Abflussregulierung, Hydromelioration und kiinstli- cher Seebildung, die Wirksamkeit langfristiger klimatischer und geomorphologischer Prozesse iibertroffen. Juschus, University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Faculty of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation, Alfred-Moller-Strafie 1, D-16225 Eberswalde;' corresponding author E&G /Vol. 2 / 2012/ 103-132/ DOI 10.3285/eg.61.2.01 / © Authors / Creative Commons Attribution License 103 Contents 104 1 Introduction 107 2 Regional settings 108 3 Principle research questions, concepts and methods used in regional studies 110 4 Results and discussion 110 4.1 Rivers 110 4.1.1 River valley formation and depositional changes 111 4.1.2 Changes in river courses and channels 113 4.1.3 Palaeodischarge and palaeoflood characteristics 114 4.2 Lakes 115 4.2.1 Lake basin development 115 Dead-ice dynamics 116 Depositional changes 117 4.2.2 Palaeohydrology 117 Lake-level changes 119 Lake-area and lake-contour changes 119 4.3 Peatlands 119 4.3.1 Peatland formation and groundwater-level changes 119 General development 119 Peatlands in large river valleys 122 4.3.2 Human impact on peatlands and lakes by mill stowage 123 5 Synopsis 123 5.1 Impact of neotectonic processes 123 5.2 Climate impact 124 5.3 Pre-modern and modern human impact 125 5.4 Final remarks and research perspectives 125 6 Conclusions 125 Acknowledgements 126 References 1 Introduction Global climate change causes regional and local variations in the terrestrial water balance (e.g. In addition, existing palaeohydrologic knowledge is not suffi- ciently being considered in the interpretation of (pre-)recent hydrologic trends and prospective (modelling) purposes.

palaeohydrology, valley formation, depositional change, lake- and groundwater-level fluctuation, mire, late Pleistocene, Holocene Addresses of authors: K. Ob- stacles to the exploitation of hydrologic palaeo-data are the multitude of local case studies, and their prevailing publica- tion in German periodicals and monographs with a regional or national focus. 2008 4 Lower Spree River, lower Spreewald area and Dahme River FM, LB, PE, GG Bottner 1999, Juschus 2002, 2003 5 Darss peninsula, Barthe River and Endinger Bruch basin LB, LL, GA, PL, FM, PT, CE, PE Kaiser 2001, 2004a, de Klerk 2002, Kaiser et al. 2012 6 Elbe River N of Magdeburg FM, HI Rommel 1998 7 Lower Havel River, Elb-Havel-Winkel and Rhinluch/Havellandisches Luch areas PT, GG, PE, GA, LL, GW, PL, HI Mondel et al.

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