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You've got no attitude, you're barely outrageous, and I don't know what you're in, but it's not my face. HOMER (sarcastically) Oh, I don't get the job, do I? Now it's time for another fanschmabulous episode of... Scratchy dangles just above the lava, and Itchy pours gasoline into him until Scratchy goes up in flames. But how can we watch TV when it's so beautiful out? I mean, we love you and Dad too, but God knows we don't need to see you every day. The Simpsons TV is turned on, displaying this episode, but with no one watching. EXECUTIVE Can we put him in more of a "hip-hop" context? Bart notices the headline in the newspaper Homer is reading: "Funny Dog To Make Life Worthwhile". They're adding a new character to Itchy & Scratchy! LISA Adding a new character is often a desperate attempt to boost low ratings. MAN Alright, thanks for participating in our focus group, kids. (chuckles) A sneezing sound comes from a large mirror on the wall. MAN Ah, look, it's just an old, creaky mirror, y'know, sometimes it sounds a little like it's sneezing, or coughing, or talking softly.

(more cheering) So, you want a realistic, down-to-earth show... Ralph starts crying and turns his knob to the left. But after so many years, the characters just can't have the same impact they once had.

MEYERS The rest of you writers start thinking up a name for this funky dog; I dunno, something along the line of say...

An animator, who looks like David Silverman, draws a sketch of a dog.

Meyers walks out, slamming Krusty's office door so hard that it comes of the hinges and falls to the floor. SECRETARY (off screen) Okay Mel, you can go in now. SIDESHOW MEL Krusty, I've come to solicit donations for the Rock 'N Roll museum, and...

At Springfield Mall, Marge is shopping with the kids.

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