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The 5008 Cor Diax and 5008S Cor Diax therapy systems include a new feature for achieving high substitution volumes, the Auto Sub plus.This is an intelligent automatic regulation system to maximize the substitution volume for the individual patient while avoiding the risk of filter blockage.That is why Fresenius Medical Care has been developing products for cardioprotective hemodialysis for years, leading to the Cor Diax product line and the Online Purification Cascade for best water quality.This comprehensive approach, presented at the booth and the therapy forum, perfectly supports the application of High Volume HDF in daily clinical practice.The 5008 Cor Diax and 5008S Cor Diax therapy systems therefore facilitate High Volume HDF in a very simple and safe manner, making High Volume HDF therapy feasible for all patients.Fresenius Medical Care’s strong commitment to research and innovation was also evidenced by the 44 abstracts of original scientific research accepted for presentation at the congress.

Acetate-free biofiltration with profiled potassium (AFBK) dialysate concentration may improve their cardiovascular stability.

The aim of the present crossover study was to compare intradialytic hemodynamic tolerance and biological parameters between online hemodiafiltration (ol HDF) and AFBK.

Ten frail HD patients (8 males) with a mean age of 66.71- ± 12.31 years were studied for three months on ol HDF and AFBK.

Serum albumin concentration significantly increased during the AFBK period.

AFBK leads to a significantly improved intradialytic tolerance in hemodynamically instable HD patients.

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