Mikeyg dating

Either way glad they got it figured out with the 6.7.

“Why would anyone miss out on so much fun just because they can’t find anyone to go with them?” The older the Asperger person gets, the more she learns just how ridiculous this neurotypical rule applies to “the others,” from shopping to sports games to relieving oneself in the lavatory.As a result, the Aspie vows to live life even fuller by themselves, trying their hardest never to miss any fun because everyone else’s calendar is full, no one else likes similar types of movies, or no one else at the dinner table has the urge to tinkle.Someone once said “Love Thyself.” This motto is good for anyone to live by, but Asperger people take the advice one step further: Love thyself and date thyself. Since they enjoy solitude so much, it’s no surprise they often choose to go solo during many social activities.How would you describe a person who dates themselves? Unlike neurotypicals, they freely partake in movie outings, dinners, museum visits, concerts, you name it, and without worrying about having someone to accompany them. Aspies find nothing odd about this practice and are quite surprised to learn neurotypicals have completely different viewpoints.

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