Once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

The test of true love, unconditional love is this: would you still love the person even if they did something awful or left you for another?Would you still care about them and want the best for them?She just said that she had come to realize she loved this other guy in a way she didn’t love me and that’s all it was about.Two days after she told me this, she moved into an apartment.” Facebook page has raised the question about whether humans are capable of true unconditional love.Here is the quote that inspired me to write this true love story: “Love is unconditional. It’s not a choice you pick at a fork in the road…exists forever.” Is this just an ideal we strive for but can never attain or is it possible for a human to actually love someone unconditionally, love them even if they do something we hate or they decide to leave us?There is one and only one answer to these questions.

A couple months after she left, I did a very strange thing which was the next step in helping me move forward with my life.Yet, within hours of hearing this something else from deep within me spoke loud and clear. I still loved this woman as much as I had before she broke the news. I realized at that moment that if you truly love someone, you want them to be happy, you want the best for them even if that means not being with you.This realization did not make the pain and hurt go away.Maybe someday a songwriter will happen along that could put some music to this and turn it into an actual song.Lyrics by Don Shapiro Courtesy of Rykristo Music Publishing You told me we were through It was what we had to do We made our beds before we met When our love’s fate was set Our homes blazing oh so bright With anger and more in plain sight So we sought solace as one Embraced away hurt on the run (chorus) It wasn’t right Oh, no It wasn’t right To fly away in the night To believe we could unite So you hid our love Deep inside of you Tucked away from view Ticking Just ticking Ticking for too many years Ticking through a thousand tears (Verse 2) You locked your love far away Deep in memory so they say We became friends for many years Saying hi without any tears The years have taken flight Family chains wrapped so tight As our seedlings grew up, oh wow You’ve come back for my love now (chorus repeats) (bridge to finale) You couldn’t keep your love locked away Just ticking til judgment day So you threw away that old bed And came back to me like they said How was I able to still consider her happiness as being of paramount importance after what she had done?

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