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In 2014-15, they won every event they entered until the world championships.Weaver and Poje began their partnership in August 2006, after they had competed against each other with previous partners.People should be glad most of our teams have good relationships with their partners because it's not the case with some of the partnerships in other countries. You missed the top Canadian team of Jenny Morgan & Victor Tobbs - nobody can quite figure out what's going on with them! Or, are they really just being "coy" about their real off-ice relationship??Here's a short clip from one of the Canadian Olympic Committee's "Heading to Sochi - Athlete Profiles" videos showing Canadian Ice Dancers Jenny Morgan & Victor Tobbs.I do think Kaitlyn needs to improve those lines and they both can notch up the overall skating skills. Off ice they are very close friends and roommates, but apparently not a couple. Their SD this season was not that good, and held them back all season, even when they skated well; and often they struggled with it and couldnt skate it well (eg- Olympics, Rostelecom Cup).

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Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje are two-time world medallists in ice dance, winning silver in 2014 and bronze in 2015.

I'm sure they'll do their best and it's enough for me. Some did not care so much for the "statue" piece last year, but I did.

And with right programm (high TES) WC podium is possible for them too. It would be great if we're going to see 3-4 pairs ready to win, and smallest mistake could worth any of them place on the podium. I think the judges will compensate them at Worlds 2015 for having given the World title to C&L rather than to them which I think they deserved. B&S lost a lot of momentum this season, so it will be hard for them to overtake W&P et al.

Just five months later they debuted at the Canadian championships where they won the bronze medal.

They also won bronze at the 2007 World Junior Championships.

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