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I am both, and I love it.” “I am a female born in a male body, and gender fluidity is my growing process.My local ‘fans’ get confused when I fluctuate between different wigs and my own hair, which I am growing out.

However, while I am a very butch and masculine, I am one of the most gentle people you will ever meet, and I fight against the patriarchy every day.” “I did not know, when I was younger, that being femme was not anti-feminist – society’s femmephobia really affected me growing up!More changed in my mind and then I feel like I began to blossom outwardly.I think it’s worth noting that I feel like a high femme even outside of my clothing and makeup.” “I have been comfortable expressing my masculine energy as far as I can remember.It’s definitely a parody, an act.“It also connects deeply to my love of performing burlesque.I actually tried to be feminine when I first came out. It felt contrived, and it was because it wasn’t authentic.

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