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As stated above Windows clients typically refresh their address even if nothing changed, so our update code would run unconditionally, too, based on timed events.During design discussion, it was decided that the new options should be not include the provider-specific prefix but rather be provider agnostic to ease sharing the code and possibly allow other providers to use dynamic DNS updates as well.the dhcp console is telling me printer has bootp assigned ip and not dhcp.the printer is unable to resolve ip of optus smtp server and is unable to send out diagnostic emails.Optionally, for machines that use IP aliasing or setups that wish to update both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of an interface at the same time there will be an option .Contrary to IPA dynamic DNS update that generates the PTR record in the bind dyndb plugin, AD wouldn’t update the PTR record on its own when only A/AAAA record is updated.

Lexmark tech support dialled in, and in the end were able to make scan to network work by using ip address of workstation as destination.

To be able to keep the forward and reverse zones in sync, the AD dynamic update message would also include updating the PTR records.

PTR records update would not be on by default and could be turned on by setting an option (perhaps For the update itself, we can simply use the nsupdate utility the way we use it in IPA domain.

To be able to detect if the resource record is stale, every dynamically created RR in the Windows DNS has a timestamp that is updated with the dynamic update if scavenging is enabled.

Manually created DNS records do not have a timestamp.

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